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Protecting Your Members.  Giving to Your Association.

Filling A Need for American Families

3 MILLION small businesses cite high costs as the reason for not using an attorney.

Offer LegalShield to your members

Someone is going to offer the members of your organization legal and identity theft protection products. 

•   LegalShield offers an                      Affinity Partnership Program        that allows you to receive              sources of non-dues revenue        to your organization

•   With legal and identity                   theft issues on the rise,                   Legalshield can work                     with you to provide a                     value added solution to                 your members

Why LegalShield?


office gathering

The Need Is 
Abundantly Real

57 MILLION  full-time working Americans experienced at least one significant legal event in the past 12 months.

someone becomes a victim of Identity Theft

NEARLY 90%  of Americans say they do not have any form of legal insurance or legal protection service. 

MORE THAN 60%  reported
they would be interested in purchasing legal protection.

FOR 16 CONSECUTIVE YEARS, identity theft was among the top consumer complaints filed with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 

Who We Are:

•    #1 PROVIDER of subscription based legal plans for families and            businesses.
•    44+ YEAR history
•    WE SHIELD MORE THAN 4 MILLION LIVES from legal and                  identity theft issues.
•    SERVE MORE THAN 70,000 businesses through Small Business          and Employee Benefit plans.
•    39 PROVIDER FIRMS in ALL 50 states and ALL Canadian 

      provinces with a total of more than 900 attorneys focused on

      LegalShield matters, in addition to a referral network of 4,700

      attorneys, with 20 years average experience.
•    RESTORED OVER 10,000 IDENTITIES using Licensed                          Investigators to do the work for our members.
•    THE ONLY COMPANY TO PROVIDE 24/7/365 EMERGENCY                ACCESS  to a Provider Law Firm delivery system and offer                      comprehensive restoration services through licensed private                  investigators.

We Protect & Empower People.

•    Our Partnership Program Includes:
•    LegalShield Legal Plans for individuals,                  families and businesses
•    IDShield Identity Theft Plans for individuals              and families

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Association Partnership Overview

More than 13 million, or nearly 60%, of all small businesses have experienced significant legal events in the past two years.

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